God is like a pretzel?

While teaching our faith elective this week at our Day Program I was reminded how important visual learning & tactile learning really is. I was teaching on a really abstract topic of who God is. Many of our friends with disabilities struggle with abstract concepts. (When teaching on things like “the trinity” our typical friends struggle too! It’s okay.)  

I developed an illustration to help teach the concept that God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit are all part of the one true God that we serve. After passing out a pretzel to everyone today I declared that “God is like a pretzel.” I was met with some blank stares while I watched some other simply eat the pretzel. Gotta love that!

God is like a pretzel in the fact that a pretzel is all made up of one single strand of dough. When you walk by Aunt Annie’s Pretzels you can see this very clearly as they braid the dough into the traditional pretzel shape. When the pretzel shape is formed it clearly shows that there are three distinct parts, or holes, to it. The pretzel can be a good visual reminder that the three distantly different people of “the trinity” all make up the one true God.

We also talked about where God lives. Our group quickly identified that God lives in heaven and in our hearts. This was the fun part of the illustration for those who had not eaten there pretzel yet! I instructed the group to eat their pretzels. After eating them I asked where there pretzel went? They quickly responded that it was in their stomachs. Exactly. The pretzel became a part of who they are. Just like when we invite God into our lives he comes and lives inside of us and becomes a part of us, through the Holy Spirit.

Maybe next time you see a pretzel you will think of the three persons of the one true God.

Never forget how important it is to make learning both visual and tactile as often as you can.