How God is using our Psalm 139 video to change law

As we prepared for Disability Ministry Sunday 2016 at First Christian Church we had no idea what God had planned for us. Months of planning and preparations across all segements of our Disability Ministry went into getting ready for our services on Palm Sunday. 

One of the most impactful elements of our service was the Psalm 139 video that was created by many of our friends at First Christian Day Services.  

The week after Disability Ministry Sunday we posted the video on our Facebook page. To our surprise it instantly began having a local, national, and global impact. In just a few weeks the video reached over 2 million timelines and was viewed by over 700,000 people. We received phone calls from churches in several states, from media outlets, and even from an individual in the Philippians. He asked for permission to use the video to help him start a Disability Ministry in his country. 

We were also contacted by Katie Franklin the Communications Director at Right to Life Ohio. She asked me if they could use the video at their Legislative Day and if I would be interested in speaking in support of the House Bill 135, Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act. I said, "Sure! When is it?" To my surprise she said, "Next week!" After clearing my calendar I made my way to Columbus on Tuesday April 12th. 

I had the opportunity to meet in the offices of Senators and Representatives. I was able to share our Psalm 139 video with them. I was able to speak as to why they should pass the Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act making it illegal to abort a baby solely on the fact that it has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. My words paled in comparison to the impact the video had as people watched it. God was moving in a special way through my friends in this video. Current statistics show that between 60-90 percent of babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome are aborted. 

I also had the opportunity to show our video at Right to Life gathering to over 200 people. After showing the video I offered a short invocation. I talked about how God does not offer up any qualifiers in Psalm 139 or in Ephesians 2:10. He doesn't say that you are "wonderfully made" and one of his "works of art" only if you have what has been deemed the appropriate number of chromosomes. God has made all of us "wonderfully." God has made each of us a "work or art." God has made each of us on purpose for a purpose. 

Again I got to see God use our video to motivate and inspire many people at the luncheon. Following the luncheon we all marched to the House of Representatives where we meet with our Representatives advocating for them to pass House Bill 135, House Bill 117, and Senate Bill 127. 

I stand amazed at how God could use a video that my friends created to potentially change the law. Praise God! There is nothing too big for the amazing God we serve.